lunes, enero 23, 2006

Voces contemporáneas: Stina Nordenstam

The morning belongs to the night

The morning belongs to the night
Until it comes with a light
Until it's born with a spark
Until it outgrows the dark
And there it hangs for a moment
A breath of hope for a moment
Stands on its own for a moment
Free from the past for a moment
The morning belongs to the day
Already here with the grey
Already spilling with need
Already flooding with speed
With its voices and faces, neverending
With its hard spoken phrases, neverending
But its promise of outlasting light
Is just converted black in the sky
Is just converted black in the sky
With its falling and waking, neverending
With its holding and breaking, neverending
Soft the darkness reflecting your eyes
But the black is just converted light

Sharon & Hope

Sometimes it's all around you
Sometimes that love surrounds you
And even God it's with you, tasting of salt
He learned about love the hard way
She learned that nothing would stay
They knew all about love and nothing
Sharon and Hope
She says I'd like to kiss you
He says you'd better not
He's on the brink of loving
She's on the brink of falling
Maybe a month in Spain could do it for you
Or a fridge of cocaine could do it
Those are not ways to do it
For Sharon and Hope
Now that I met you nothing's the same
It's not gonna be it ever again
If you stay or walk away
If I'm off or if I'm brave
Sometimes it's all around you
Sometimes that love surrounds you
We have it if we want to
Me Sharon, you Hope

Welcome To Happiness

Welcome to happiness
No smoking allowed
Here it's so easy to burn yourself
And equally hard to survive
Taste the sweat on your upper lip
Welcome to hunger and thirst
Welcome to happiness
It may appear shocking at first
Be ready to go
You'll never know when
You'll never know why
Welcome to longing
To wanting to taste and to touch
Mind the gap, here's depending
Here is wanting too much
Be ready to go
You'll never know when
You'll never know why
Take off anytime

* Stina Nordenstam nació en Estocolmo, en 1969. Es una cantante y compositora imposible de encuadrar en alguna corriente o estilo. Grabó los siguientes discos, todos muy recomendables: "Memories Of A Colour" (91), "And She Closed Her Eyes" (93), "Dynamite" (97), "People Are Strange" (98), "This Is Stina" (2001), y "The world is saved" (2004).

4 comentarios:

Reina dijo...

canta increíblemente bien!!. Está en esa onda novedosa sueca llamada la música de garage. Es raro un paìs tan gèlido con esas voces....

oliverio coelho dijo...

Sí, canta maravillas... Me bajé casi todos los discos, a mí resultaron muy exóticos, canta desde los témpanos. Creo que People are srange y Dynamite son los discos más personales y tristes, ¿no? ME traerás Climbers de M. John. Harrison? O ya estás de vuelta y mi sed fue tardía...?

paula p dijo...

ella es una maravillosa.
oli ayer te vi en una rollingstone. me gusto tu cara. y me rei de una foto en ue medio revoleas una olivetti o simil, què revistada. besos.

ژ ژ gallo dijo...

buscada, bajada, no gustada.
para ese cante liviano,
me quedo con cocteau twins
o similar.